Available Only in NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD, DC and FL

Area Rug Cleaning
Who else would know how to clean a Stark Carpet better than Stark Carpet Cleaning? We have spent years researching and extensively testing our products to make sure our cleaning methods are of the highest compatibility for our premium products. After picking up your rug, a thorough inspection is completed by a Stark Carpet care specialist. At this point, we will diagnose the carpetís needs and prescribe service solutions. We offer several different types of hand cleaning processes in order to suit the needs of your rug. Some of which include soak and rinse cleaning for pet stains and heavily soiled rugs, dry cleaning for delicate silks, and conservator cleaning for antiques. Any stubborn stains that cannot be resolved by regular hand cleaning can be treated by our chemist.

Area Rug Repair
Our repair department is capable of providing the best results in the industry. With thousands of different threads, yarns, and bindings to choose from, we can always find the perfect color match for your beloved carpet. Some of the many services we provide are reweaving fringes, sewing loose or missing binding, reweaving worn areas, reweaving curled or chewed corners, and the complete restoration of any size area. All repairs are done by hand to ensure there is no sacrifice in quality. We are a premium carpet care establishment capable of exceeding your expectations.

On Site Cleaning
If for any reason your Stark carpet or furniture cannot be taken out of the residence, our highly skilled technicians have years of experience cleaning on site. Whether it is a small spot or overall cleaning of furniture, wall to wall carpet, or a delicate area rug we can facilitate your needs to make sure the cleaning is done thoroughly and properly. Our equipment has a small footprint and is easily maneuverable in narrow hallways and staircases. We are also able to schedule an appointment to provide a quote for the price of cleaning as well as information on any additional services you may have questions about. The care and details on how we go about providing the best services for the best products are second to none in the industry.


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