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August 31, 2015
Comfy Chic Creativity With Bedroom Textures
Comfy Chic Creativity With Bedroom Textures

Experimentation with textures to achieve unique looks will never go out of style. Here, Ashley Stark-Kenner explores how this interesting room achieves a comfortable sensibility without sacrificing luxurious elegance.

“This designer got creative and put the bed in the middle of the room instead of traditionally against the wall. A subtle touch, but it makes a major impact on the aesthetics. Plenty of patterns are on display, layered to perfection, but since they are all essentially neutrals, they refuse to look fussy against each other.

The nail heads on the bottom of the bed, along with the leopard print ottomans, keep the room edgy and glamorous, while the fur throw adds an inviting air of coziness. The giant bookshelf with the ladder is a great design element in and of itself. The multitude of books face every which way, and are intermixed with trinkets, photos, and clocks to expresses personality and stylistic flair.

This bedroom is comfy chic at its finest.”
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