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August 21, 2018
Designer Profile: Dayle Bass
Designer Profile: Dayle Bass

Known for her passion and innovative work, Dayle Bass combines beauty with function. Her extensive portfolio of work encompasses very distinctive and highly effective design solutions for a diverse range of projects, from residential to commercial, there is no stopping her. We got the chance to sit down with Dayle and pick her brain about all this design.

1) Tell me a little about yourself in general. What’s a day in your life like?

Well, I have had either a partnership or my own interior design firm for almost 20 years now. I am currently the principal of Dayle Bass Design with a support staff of drafts people and architects as needed. 

Most of my clients are families who are building or renovating a new family home.  There are full townhouses or large combination condos in some of Manhattan’s new iconic buildings.  Project durations can range anywhere from 8 months to 2 years.  You can imagine in that time, the relationship between client and designer grows and a nice rapport and friendship develops.   

My day starts out pretty typical.  I catch up with contractors, vendors and fabricators to discuss any issues or action items that need to be addressed, set up site visits or office meetings. Client exchanges begin early as well to recap the schedule for the week or discuss decisions required.

2) What drew you to design in the first place and what made you choose this as your profession?

The most exciting and satisfying aspect for me is working with families or homeowners, meeting their kids and designing for them instead of a business or institution.  It’s very gratifying. I originally came out of the world of commercial design working for large architectural firms.  Although challenging, it was not the type of design I was drawn to.

3) How do you describe the style that you bring to most situations? Is there one particular area that you work in or do you like to be fluid?

I do very much like to be fluid.  Part of that is a result of responding to my clients’ needs, but also exposing myself as well as them to new ideas and concepts.  I will never do the same thing twice.  This challenges my creativity and results in something quite beautiful. 

Also, my style is fairly simple. I don’t do fussy or decorate within an inch of my life.  I want my clients to be comfortable in their new surroundings and never feel staged or overdone. And quality is key.  A good sofa and seating pieces can last a lifetime. Same for high quality carpets and area rugs, which brings me to Stark Carpet time after time.

4) What inspires you when it comes to design, both direct and indirectly?

I travel a lot.  It’s my number one passion, I have to admit. Traveling anywhere and everywhere gives you a perspective that cannot be duplicated in books or publications. Starting from markets and bazaars, the colors, textures and prints, the architecture old and new, and some of the most beautiful hotel lobbies I’ve ever seen.  I got inspiration for a room’s color scheme from a spice market in India.  Can you imagine? 

5) When you first look at a room, what do you consider building off? Carpet or rug? Furniture? Wallcoverings?

My approach to design is that I start from the flooring and work up from there. Handsome wood floors with beautiful area rugs can anchor the room.  When I find a great rug, the colors can explode into the inspiration for the room. I love the exuberance of color. If I find a design I love but not the perfect color scheme, we customize it.  Furniture is next with wall finishes and of course ceiling details, light fixtures and window treatments. 

6) What are three words that you hope someone would use to describe a room that you designed?

Comfortable, distinctive, timeless.

7) If you had no budget on a project, what kind of room would you create?

Ah! That’s a trick question.  Who hasn’t fantasized about an unlimited budget?  But in reality you can always replicate a design you have imagined and then value engineer it to fit a client’s budget.  That is mostly what we do. 

8) What do you like about working with STARK? What about STARK products stands out to you?

First of all, the D&D showroom has so much great product.  If I can’t find it on the floor, we make it.  And, I’m always happy to see new designs there.  They are on trend with both color and pattern and that helps me to create the perfect color palette for a room.  There are always more than enough options to select from and I am so pleased to work with my talented and creative sales person who makes the process flawless.

I use many Stark wallcoverings on my projects.  I love wallcovering.  It just warms up a room. I’m drawn to the texture and patterns.  It has a nice appeal for me.  If it’s in the budget I enjoy adding wallcovering everywhere. Especially in these grand closets.  Closets are now a destination, a place to hang. 

9) What can a rug or carpet bring to a project?

It is the groundwork that sets the tone and anchors the furnishings in each room.  I’m always happy when a client is not afraid of color. I like to marry color throughout a home and with carpet and area rugs, I can do that. 

10) What do you think is the most unique room/project in your portfolio of work that utilized Stark?

I have a client that is not afraid of color.  She wanted a very feminine office which was mainly open and off the main living area.  So the bright colors had to work nicely with the living room. We customized the living room area rug to pick up some of the pinks in a very subtle manner so it married the office rug but took it down several notches.


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