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March 14, 2019
Introducing Fanny Haim Atelier for STARK
Introducing Fanny Haim Atelier for STARK

An exclusive collection by beloved designer Fanny Haim for STARK. Crafted in Peru, with an emphasis on rich textures and crisp hues - let the beauty of each design brighten your interior. Lavish silk is blended with the coziest alpaca wools for unbelievable comfort and elegance.

Continue reading to find out more about the collection.

Alpaca Rugs

A selection of the Alpaca rugs

What inspired you to design a rug line with STARK?

Stark has been a favorite vendor throughout my professional life, so the opportunity to design a collection for them is an honor and a privilege. I admire the company, its range of product, quality of service, and being a family business, as we are, I appreciate its commitment to perpetual excellence.

What was it like working with the Stark team?

Working with the Stark team has been a truly exceptional experience. Everyone has been consummate professionals, truly knowledgeable and forthcoming in their contribution towards the success of this collection.

What drew you to alpaca textiles? 

I never appreciated the attributes of alpaca until I started to learn about it. My natural curiosity paved the way to explore and become more familiar with the animal, the yarn, and the impact on the environment.

“Alpaca has inherent beauty and appeal."

I find that alpaca and silk rugs can be used in limitless ways. The sheen and luster of the silk connote glamour and luxury; the alpaca, to me, is earthier. I love that it comes naturally in diverse colors, so it does not need to be dyed. In our collection we used a blend, to add a touch of the luster and shine to the rugs.

Alpaca Flatlay

The Alpaca Rugs are a luxurious combination of alpaca and silk


A selection of silk rugs from the collection

What is the inspiration behind the silk collection?

The inspiration for the silk collection was using a singular color on tailored patterns that evoke memories.

The color of mountains on the Inland sea in Japan is our blue. The color of dying cherry blossoms is our blush, warm terra-cotta of drying clay, the grays in ancient stones, and so on. It was about partnering simple patterns with colors in timeless, enduring colorways.

“Our vision was to create a timeless collection."
silk wall

The Silk Collection display in the STARK New York showroom

“Rice paddies in Japan, stepping stones crossing a creek, and the Japanese art of Kintsugi, these moments informed the collection."
Alpaca Rug

Close up of Fanny’s favorite rug, a blend of alpaca and metallic thread

Do you have any favorite styles in the collections?

It’s hard to say if there is a favorite, but I love the brushed finish. I love the Kintsugi inspired rug, which is the only one with a strong graphic and mixes in metallic yarn.

I see the collection being used essentially in any style of project, as they are neutral enough in any setting without screaming for attention, yet have enough presence to enchant and contribute. We like to stay away from trends, therefore it was important to create the collection in a palette that would be transcendental and stay relevant and timely.

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