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April 2, 2017
BAZAAR's Cabinet of Curiosities featuring Sasha Bikoff Interior Design
BAZAAR's Cabinet of Curiosities featuring Sasha Bikoff Interior Design

When we learned that Sasha Bikoff had chosen several STARK fabrics to include in set design for a photo shoot featuring a thoroughly original take on bridalwear, created and styled by Carrie Goldberg amd photographed by Christian Oth, we had to know more.

See all 17 dresses curated in the full Harper’s Bazaar piece, visit for even more fashion, and keep reading to find out more about the inspiration behind Sasha's tunning set pieces and the three lovely photos that feature STARK fabrics from the Lelievre, Old World Weavers, Tassinari, and Chatel collections.

The theme was “Cabinet of Curiosities,” which Sasha stated was right up her alley due to her background in the Tony Duquette "More is more" school. “As part of the newer and younger designer scene I am really trying to bridge that gap between fashion and interiors,” Sasha later added when discussing her experience working with STARK. “It’s what I am constantly working on with my own furniture collection and interiors,” she explained – and it is also quite evident in the thoughtful curation she has compiled here.

“I envisioned a lady of prominence living in some old semi-dilapidated but regal castle filled with relics and treasures.”

Each collection was intended to represent a moment in this woman’s life, transcending haute couture to touch upon every woman and her passions. Sasha imagined the personality of the woman in the shoot to be “well traveled, worldly and fashionable. She is a huntress, a botanist, an ornithologist, an orientalist, a lover of literature, and an ecologist.”

Sasha on the true value of a luxe fabric:

“Whether it’s on a dress or chair, the fabric is what is hitting our skin and touching our bodies. The form comes from the fabric. When I walk into a showroom or clothing store the first thing I do is touch and feel everything. You can have the most ramshackle chair but with some luxe Lelievre fabric that chair will look like a million bucks!”

Sasha on what feathers can bring to artful fashion:

“I love feathers. They are a glamorous accent of the past. When you think of feathers, flappers of the roaring 20s come to mind and you’re immediately brought back to another era. That is what makes design great – when you create an unforgettable moment.”


Sasha on what texture means to her:

“For me, texture is a combination of fabric and pattern. When you have a buildup of silks all draped in this effortless way with gorgeous damask velvet motifs and garlands of flowers, it doesn’t get more textural than that.”

When Sasha was asked to design for this photo shoot, she immediately knew that certain STARK fabrics would be perfect for the aesthetic. “I knew I had to have them for my imaginary haberdashery women,” she said. The fabrics were employed every which way – draped on furniture, laid out as carpeting on the floor, and even as backdrops for some shots to suggest upholstered walls.

“The richness of these silks and brocades added so much texture and life to the shots.”

Sasha points out that this shoot was a very different kind of shoot for the design world – in fact, one of the reasons she loved working with STARK on it was the breadth of their willingness to help her on such a fashion-driven project.

“It’s really awesome that STARK was open to this idea. It's important that creativity doesn't just stop with whatever fields we are working in but that we keep an open mind to other industries. At the end of the day, we are all looking to make the world a more beautiful place and it takes many elements and art forms to achieve that.”

We couldn’t agree more and look forward to showcasing unique ways to use STARK in all elements and art forms in the future. Explore Sasha’s own exquisite work at Sasha Bikoff Interior Design further on her website and Instagram.

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