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May 13, 2016
Rooms of STARK: Bohemian Bedroom
Rooms of STARK: Bohemian Bedroom

From bedrooms to dining rooms and staircases, there are no limits to what a trained eye for design can do. To celebrate this creative versatility, we’re sharing how to build any dream room with some of our favorite pieces. Let’s begin by exploring the imaginatively luxurious tones and textures of bohemian bedrooms.

As the most personal space in one’s home, the bedroom provides the perfect setting for free-spirited bohemian style. Exquisitely unconventional, the boho look allows one to meld a great deal of textures and colors into a gorgeous visual oeuvre all one’s own.

Find the inspiration to build a bohemian look with the STARK touch from the sets below. Each style contains one selection of rug, carpet, fabric, and wallcovering that combine to create an elegantly casual atmosphere of playful artistry.

Desert Sunset

What better way to craft a lushly artistic atmosphere than to call upon the richly hued beauty of a desert sunset? Get this lush look with the Whitney Carpet in Black for an unconventionally dark foundation, layered with bright pops of color from this gorgeous Ikat 92454 Rug. The walls take a slightly medieval turn with the Arkiv Eden Wallcovering, while the faux fur Kodiak Fabric in Blonde rounds out the room with its comfortable, pillowy textures. 

Halcyon Bliss

Give the bohemian bedroom the gilded treatment with the luxurious color palette of this set, which includes another strikingly dark foundational piece with the Elektra Carpet in Navy. Personalize the space with the bold patterns of Ikat 91209 Rug, electrifying sparkles of Fairy Dust Wallcovering in Yellow Brick Road, and notable textural details of the faux fur Chapka Fabric in Nacre.


Charming Savanna

Infuse a bohemian bedroom with the spirit of the savanna through a vibrant combination of colors and textures. Build the style from the ground up with the Missoni Riga Carpet in Khaki, then layer with the brilliant orange and red hues of the Ikat 100651 Rug. Keep the walls bright with Adam Non Wallcovering in Cream while letting colorful character shine through with the faux leather Duo Fabric in Hermes.

Fierce Essence

Craving a sumptuously misty take on the boho bedroom look? Frame the flooring with the Grazia Carpet in Greige, then accent with the ferocious fantasy colors of the Not 279595A Rug.  Go for a modest look on the walls with Adam Non Wallcovering in Brown, purposefully mismatched with the opulent chenille of Barbizon Fabric in Steel.

The many rooms on display in Ashley’s Window and the Design Showcase are quite a testament to the stylistic variety of STARK. But we want to show you even more, so keep your eye out for Rooms of STARK to come. Are you a member of the trade but don’t have an account yet? Find out the benefits and apply for yours today.

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