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September 13, 2016
Custom Flooring With Bachman Brown
Custom Flooring With Bachman Brown

Custom product development is one of STARK’s specialties. In our Design Showcase, numerous interior designers have shared custom pieces they’ve collaborated with STARK on to provide for clients – from Linda Ruderman to Angela Giguere-Kumble.

But how exactly does one go through the custom process? We’ve delved a little deeper into how it works before, but only on a general level. Today, we’re sharing how one design firm – Bachman Brown – landed upon the perfect custom fit for one client’s Greenwich Village Apartment.

When the face of the firm, Bachman Brown Clem himself, strolled into the New York showroom, he knew what he was looking for: a Moroccan rug, but one that wasn’t in the white/brown color combination typical of that style.

He shopped the showroom with salesman CJ Mapletoft, who helped Bachman focus in on just the right rug. They found a sample, and Bachman was struck by the color. But a unique size was needed, with an increase in the scale in order to better fit the size of the room, so customization was necessary.

It was "a beautiful dusty shade of blue, which is slightly unusual for Moroccan." 

CJ then worked with the art department on three unique renderings showing the rug with a larger scale. Bachman selected the scale he wanted, and then it was back to CJ and the art department to produce two strike-offs, each featuring slightly different colors. Bachman chose the perfect one for his client’s room, and the STARK team put the rug into production!

When asked what this particular rug brought to the room, Bachman’s answer is straight to the point. “Everything,” he said. “A rug makes a room.”

Bachman refers to STARK as “a one-stop-shop.” He loves STARK and enjoys working with his sales rep, CJ. “Going through the custom process with him is a pure delight,” Bachman said. “He makes everything so easy, in terms of binding options, changes to custom color, changes to scale of pattern. STARK has a lot of rugs they put their own stamp on. [They are] very current, very elegant,” Bachman elaborated.

“The level of design has been elevated and the options are extensive.”

“A lot of other companies are limited,” Bachman continued. “But STARK covers all bases.” His own firm, Bachman Brown, doesn’t limit themselves to one style; since STARK covers everything, “it’s easy to bring a client there and find what you want.”


Check out more beautiful designs from Bachman Brown via their website, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, and LinkedIn. Explore the full spectrum of design possibilities in our Design Showcase, get a peek at how things happen Behind the Scenes, and stay up to date on what’s going on with Press and Events.  

If you’re in need of just the right Moroccan rug of your own, browse our considerable selection of Moroccan styles – and know that if your design requires something slightly different, you can always discuss custom options with your showroom rep!

Photos courtesy of Bachman Brown.
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