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March 20, 2017
Designer Interview: Jeanette Hubley
Designer Interview: Jeanette Hubley
In today’s Design Spotlight, we get a peek into the bold and beautiful world of Hubley Design Interiors, boutique interior design firm with Jeanette Hubley at the helm. Originally based in New York, the firm has now expanded to serve Florida as well, but projects and commissions come in from all over the country – and Jeanette approaches each one with precise style and an attention to detail that truly sets her distinctive work apart.

When we learned of one of her recent brilliant projects with a significant STARK presence, we had to know more – not only about Jeanette’s work with STARK, but what brought her to the interior design world, what inspires her, and more.

Spot the sisal flooring on the steps in the distance.

Interior design, as it turns out, is actually her second career. Although she was brought up in a creative household, her parents didn’t want her to pursue anything creative; they wanted her to enter the medical field. Eventually she became a registered nurse, but it only lasted a year and a half. “This is the most uncreative thing I could imagine doing for the rest of my life,” she stated.

She quit nursing and began taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, immersing herself in every aspect of design. She had found her passion and never looked back.

“If it’s your passion then it’s a commitment within yourself. If you follow your passion, you’ll always be fulfilled in anything you do.”

One’s passions tend to be heavily influenced by the environment around them; in Jeanette’s case, her love of travel is one of the keys to unlock her inspiration. Even simply passing someone on the street can inspire her. “It’s all the colors and forms,” she noted. Is it any surprise that she has always a camera in hand?

Reflections of Zebra Ax in the bedroom.

Her love of mixing different elements together when creating a home – as opposed to one style – she attributes in part to traveling throughout the world, including some very remote regions. “It has opened my eyes, and I bring that to my work,” Jeanette added.

On the other hand, the style also varies with each project. Jeanette prefers to cater to the client, populating the space with their own singular style combination of likes, passions, and colorizations.

“I don’t dictate. I just take things to the next level when I create.”

Jeanette is always thinking ahead, hoping to predict trends yet making an effort not to be too trendy – she often likes to work with timeless pieces, as well. She also enjoys the creative act of reinterpretation when it comes to design. She takes what she sees, everywhere from magazines and journals to design shows and the fashion industry, and reinterprets what she sees into her own ideas to create a unique concept.

Close-up look at the sisal flooring on the staircase.

When reflecting on where to begin when taking a first look at a room, Jeanette points out that it has changed throughout the years, and varies from room to room, too. While a traditional rule of thumb is to always start with the rug, for Jeanette it depends more on the space. In a powder room, she tends to begin with the wallcovering; in master bedrooms she turns first to furniture and fabrics, which often go hand-in-hand. In living rooms and family rooms, the traditional rule reigns supreme and the rug is often the first item to be considered.

“It’s all about textures and colorations compared to the pattern. I like to design a lot of my own area rugs. I work very closely with STARK on that most of the time because I find that there are a lot of options and diversity. You guys get it.”

Another reason she enjoys working with STARK is the technical expertise and personal attention brought to every project. A great education process takes place, which in turn helps her improve the experience she offers her clients. Dedication, the diverse collection of products, and timeliness are integral – and STARK provides it all.

“The quality and service are a dream."

Ultimately, Jeanette tries to create everyday luxury for people – which STARK helps bring to life. “STARK products give me the opportunity to make some bold statements,” Jeanette explained – like the stunning Zebra Ax carpet in black and white pictured below, which Jeanette said was “used to add drama.”

“The room was all about the carpet – dramatic and bold.”

In the same home, Jeanette used the concept of drama in a space that doesn’t typically call for it: the nursery. “Missoni products are quite glamorous to use in a nursery,” Jeanette stated – but it all came out of a love for Missoni fabric and imaginative ways to bring it into the room.

Missoni Kea Sheer in the picture frame and another Missoni fabric on the chair.

Explore more of the beautiful rooms in this home below, one that STARK is proud to be included in. Learn even more about the designers that love to work with STARK in our Design Showcase, including the likes of Timothy Corrigan, Charles Pavarini III, Steven G., and Kapito Muller Interiors.

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