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December 22, 2016
Designer Interview: Timothy Corrigan
Designer Interview: Timothy Corrigan
In today’s edition of Designer Spotlight, we get to peer into the mind of interior designer Timothy Corrigan. He founded his firm in 1997 and has since become known for his fine-tuned ability to combine European elegance with California comfort. With two offices – one in Los Angeles and the other in Paris – Timothy and his team have executed projects around the world and gained major experience designing interior spaces for older, historical spaces as well as brand new homes.

In fact, Timothy has been named to many best designer lists, including the AD100, Robb Report’s Top 40, and the Luxe Gold List. We jumped at the chance to learn a bit more about Timothy’s inspiration, process, and more – including how STARK fits into the mix.

A standard broadloom piece with a tape border.

In the early ’90s, Timothy was living in Paris and working in the advertising business. After purchasing a 17th-century manor house and totally renovating and designing it himself, he realized he had quite a knack for the art of interior design. Soon enough, his work was being published in magazines and people were starting to ask him for help with their homes. “I did this while continuing to work in advertising… but started to realize that I enjoyed my secondary job more than my main ‘day’ job,” Timothy explained.

The clients Timothy and his team have grown to work with range from European and Middle Eastern royalty to Hollywood celebrities to corporate leaders, from within the worlds of fashion, law, education, philanthropy, and tech. “I am lucky to call most of my clients friends, and have done multiple projects for most of them, which is the ultimate compliment,” Timothy stated.

Seagrass with faux leather binding.

All projects have a strong foundation in classical design; Timothy believes that a successful project is one that never looks as if it has been “decorated.” With the goal of balancing European elegance with California comfort, Timothy and his firm mix furniture, art, and design from different periods to create spaces that are interesting, alive, and vital.

A custom piece with metallic threads.

“If you don’t feel comfortable in a space, it isn’t well designed.”
If Timothy has a signature style, it can be described as one of comfortable elegance. He considers comfort to be more than just a physical reaction; it also has to do with a state of mind that occurs when you feel you can really live in the space. One need not sacrifice a beautiful setting to be comfortable and practical. Comfortable elegance can be achieved in even the grandest of settings! “From the start, I believed so strongly in this concept that we even trademarked the expression ‘a world of comfortable elegance,’” Timothy added.

A standard Wilton carpet and border.

“What good is it to have a beautiful room that you never use or doesn’t work for your needs?”
Timothy typically favors a more layered look, preferring rooms where removing or adding any single element will not have a huge impact. “Rooms that are more sparsely decorated tend to work best for showcasing a singular item,” he added. When it comes to rugs specifically, Timothy points out that not only are rugs decorative, but they also serve to ground a room and define a furniture arrangement or seating area – including rooms one might not immediately think of when considering the flooring, such as dining rooms.

Antique rug from the Darius collection.

“A dining room without a rug just never feels finished.”

A standard broadloom piece.

One favorite project utilizing STARK that Timothy singled out from his vast portfolio is the bedroom pictured above. “The bold geometric grid on this carpet served as the starting point for the design of this soothing bedroom. The monochromatic color palette and lines were the basis for the selection of the striped fabric for the walls and window coverings, [while] the bed cover mimics the rug as well,” Timothy described in detail.

Timothy enjoys working with STARK in large part due to the sales staff, which he stated “is always extremely helpful [with sourcing] just the right carpet or rug for any given project.” He pointed out that many other suppliers don’t realize quite how important customer service is after the sale is made; not only does STARK provide rugs of excellent quality, but also a customer service experience to match.

When it comes to design inspiration, Timothy considers it of vital importance to continually expose oneself to new ideas, styles, and places. “Without evening thinking about it, you can find yourself running [on] ‘auto-pilot’ … when you do that, you stagnate,” Timothy stated. But when you put yourself in situations where you feel a bit unfamiliar, you stretch as a person, thus growing as a designer, as well. “Even if you can’t travel, you can expose yourself to new ideas by visiting a local museum, going to a foreign film, or reading a history book about a period or place that you don’t already know about,” he added.

A standard broadloom piece with border.

You can see these vast cultural influences all throughout Timothy’s impressive body of work, one that STARK is proud to be featured in so often and so well. Explore even more of our Designer Interviews and Before & After Features in our Design Showcase, from some of the largest names in the industry like Charles Pavarini III and Steven G. to younger firms like Kapito Muller Interiors and Home by Jody.

Header image features a custom piece that combined two broadloom carpets with a border. 
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