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August 19, 2015
Designer Spotlight: Natalie Madrachim
Designer Spotlight: Natalie Madrachim

In our latest edition of Design Showcase, we introduce you to Natalie Madrachim of Eilata Image Interiors. From the importance of visual design elements, including space measures and modern art technology to her extensive amount of commercial undertakings, Natalie has perfected the ability to create wall-to-wall energy in any space.

The beginning of her career:

Following the advice of her father as well as her own instincts, Natalie chose a career path in creative design. Born with an eye for balance and color, she eventually spent her time in school studying interior design with a minor in architecture.

Not only did she learn Photoshop, she also came to master drafting software as well. Learning how to draft and use 3D models granted Natalie extensive knowledge and fundamental advantages in the designing field that she needed in order to succeed.

Finding inspiration:

Truly loving the essence of architecture, Natalie’s inspiration to envision innovative designs grew from her passion to build.

Her designs commonly incorporate fresh colors and the latest technology. She digitally prints in large format before fixing the placement of her ideas on a wall or Plexiglas. Modern art technology has opened a new world to interior and visual design, but Natalie also doesn’t lose sight of simplicity and conventionalism.

“It’s the classic, elegant design that never goes out of style,” she says. Fusing these elements together is crucial for a look that will last.

“You don’t want to design something that’s fabulous today in a trendy way, because it will go out of style.”

How Natalie designs:

Depending on the space and the energy that it emits, Natalie begins with a floor plan.  Keeping in mind where the windows and the door are located, Natalie believes it is also architecturally important how the energy moves through the room. The flow of energy in a room could shift through the stairs or an exit door, or even around a center island.

Natalie’s design process begins with the elements that are subject to the confined space. When finishing a room, however, her go-to piece of furniture is always rugs or carpeting, which she uses to complement the room.

Current endeavors:

In addition to designing forums and speaking at public events on general design and carpet design, many of Natalie’s latest projects have been inside large commercial buildings. The immense size of these spaces can create challenging jobs for designers, but Natalie actually prefers commercial jobs, like these hallways from The Gateway Luxury Residences in South Orange, New Jersey, which feature custom STARK installations.  

“Commercial spaces are more fun because you can be creative with all of the components you use.”

For example, her newest project is inside a boutique gym. She can express her imagination through a main concept and spread extensions of it throughout the entire area, including the bathrooms, sinks, door handles, and so on.


Working with STARK:

Moving forward, Natalie definitely sees herself working with STARK again because of the great relationship she built with them on their first project together. Some of her favorite STARK design pieces include carpets featuring animal patterns, and wool/nylon blends.

“STARK is great because they will customize their carpets and customization is crucial.”

Supplied with an assortment of some of the finest luxury designs for carpets, fabrics, rugs and wallcoverings, STARK’s mission is to deliver exquisite finishes for interior designers like Natalie of Eilata Image Interiors.

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