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March 21, 2016
Designer Spotlight: Steven G.
Designer Spotlight: Steven G.

Our latest Designer Spotlight puts the focus on Steven G., the mastermind behind the design firm bearing his own wonderfully colloquial name: “Interiors by Steven G.” Steven was only 20 years old when he began working in the industry. He started small at a little boutique firm and as the firm grew, so did Steven. Fast forward 10 years, and he was ready to forge his own path.

Approximately 31 years ago, he opened the doors to his very own company and, in his words, it’s been a great ride ever since. “We have built one of the largest firms in the United States,” Steven elaborated. And while South Florida is their home base – with an office in Pompano Beach and showroom in Sunny Isles Beach – they do touch New York, New Jersey, Washington, and Texas, as well.

The road to the design industry

Every interior designer comes to the field in their own way. For Steven, the draw to interior design was exactly that: growing up, he always enjoyed drawing. As he grew older, he also felt he had an innate, natural talent for the design business. When he entered the design industry, he knew he had found his home.

“It’s not just a life. It’s not just a career. It’s really based on your passion and your drive.”

The importance of adapting to client tastes

When it comes to the design style out of Interiors by Steven G., the answer is twofold. While Steven himself loves the look of the contemporary world – polished concrete floors, fabulous area rugs, minimalistic furniture, and amazing lighting – at the end of the day, the secret to success is having the talent to design to anyone’s taste level.

“I would never want to be stereotyped as ‘This is our look.’ I don’t want anybody to say, ‘Oh I know who did that. Oh, I’ve seen that.’ When people entrust a professional designer with their space, of course they want that designer because they like the style in which they work,” Steven explained. “But I also believe that the client’s taste should be brought to the forefront in a professional manner.”

Where to begin a room

The team at Interiors by Steven G. always begins with an understanding of the client: their needs, taste, and lifestyle must all be considered. From there, the first concern is almost always the floor. “The beauty of what we do with STARK is that 90% of our carpets are custom,” Steven clarified. “We pick the yarn, color, and a design that we like. STARK provides us with a sample, and we can present it to the client.”

The role of furniture

Start with the floor and the rest of the room follows, but when does furniture start to come into the picture? In Steven’s view, furniture is actually the least important item in a design project. 

“The key to a successful design project is the infrastructure: amazing lighting, a great floor, and great area rugs.”

He continued, “The furniture should really step back and be comfortable, with simple, clean lines, nothing ornate or over scale. Then you pop in artwork and accessories, and you can’t miss.”

Working with STARK

One of the reasons Steven and his team enjoy working with STARK is the attention to detail given to every request. Once certain initial design choices have been made, the STARK rep is consulted, who then provides them with everything they need to create the flooring of their clients’ dreams. 

“They really do touch on anything and everything to suit anybody’s taste, and that’s amazing,” Steven said. “We display a great deal of STARK rugs and other items in our showroom because we keep everything under one roof for our clients. They love the ease and comfort. In turn, we have everything at our fingertips to do the custom design work that we do.”

“STARK is what I call a household name in the luxury world.”

STARK’s mission is to provide exquisite luxury offerings for interior designers across the country like Steven G. and his team – not only with our many rugs and carpets, but in our collections of fabric and wallcovering as well.

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