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January 13, 2015
Designer Spotlight: Kapito Muller Interiors
Designer Spotlight: Kapito Muller Interiors

In the Design Showcase of the World of Stark, we’re featuring some of the creative minds of the amazing designers that work with us. Our series of Designer Spotlights begins with Kapito Muller Interiors, an interior design firm formed by two ambitious and talented young women in 2012. We sat down with one half of the dynamic duo, Alyssa Kapito, to get some insight into what they do, how Stark inspires them, and more.

Alyssa and Vivian always said that if they started their own firm, they would do it together. They got their chance in 2012, and since then they’ve been very busy, with Vivian supporting the business end while Alyssa focuses on design.

Alyssa describes their style as transitional. Young, clean, and eclectic – Kapito Muller Interiors combine these elements to craft chic looks tailor-made for their clients. 


Around the world for inspiration:

Travel and art provide the biggest design inspirations, which they try to incorporate into their work as much as possible. In fact, Alyssa says they are inspired by everything around them. In the digital age, a great deal of inspiration is naturally drawn from Pinterest, Instagram, and other online outlets. Social media, particularly Instagram, allows the design world to be an easily connected community. Kapito Muller Designs built their Instagram following by posting beautiful images that reflect the particular aesthetics they value.

A touch of Paris on the Upper East Side

A photo posted by Kapito Muller Interiors (@kapitomullerinterior) onFeb 25, 2015 at 5:16am PST


How to deal with design challenges:

Open concepts and lofts tend to provide the most design challenge because the space should be broken up properly. With lower ceilings, one can create the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. Alyssa recommends hanging curtains as high as they can possibly go, or artwork higher than usual, which can visually add up to a foot to a ceiling. As for open spaces, divide them with an area rug and make sure all of the furniture is placed atop it. But one thing is certain no matter the design: the rug is always the starting point.


Alyssa’s dream room:

If Alyssa had an unlimited budget, she would create a library because, as she says, “you can do so many amazing things.” Her love of libraries is compelled by her addiction to coffee table books, as well as an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into designing these rooms.


Kapito Muller Interiors work with Stark because, Alyssa says, “When you think of Stark, you think of quality. Not only is the quality of the rug itself amazing, but the customer experience is amazing [as well].” Her favorites are the broadloom carpets and area rugs, and she refers to the curation of the collections as “magnificent.” She also loves that Stark provides custom rugs, crucial when approaching design in the expressly tailored way that is the calling card of Kapito Muller Interiors.

Offering extensive collections and fine-tuned customer service, Stark is a repeat destination for some of the finest luxury designers working today. Stark will complete the sophistication of any room’s design, whether inspired by the art of the world like Kapito Muller Interiors to history, fashion, or anything else that sparks the creative mind.

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