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March 27, 2015
Designer Spotlight: Robin Baron Designs
Designer Spotlight: Robin Baron Designs

In this edition of Designer Spotlight, we meet Robin Baron, a vibrant woman whose career began in fashion but seamlessly transitioned into interior design. We sat down with her to find out what spurred the change, where she finds inspiration, and more.

From dressing people to outfitting rooms:

In her career as a fashion designer, Robin often found herself fielding interior design dilemmas for her clients as well. Inspired by their needs, she expanded her palette to include interior design. Now she’s been working in both fields for over 20 years, and frequently notices the fashion perspective coming through in her interior design work.

To keep everything crisp, every project is appraised with a fresh eye. Her job is to elevate the taste level of her clients in order to push boundaries and expand horizons. “It’s not about my look,” she explains. “It’s about their life.”

Robinism: "You always have to have an open eye and an open mind."

Robin firmly believes that that you never know where a design idea will find you. An object as simple and seemingly irrelevant as a pair of eyeglasses could drive the direction of a whole project. The suite she designed for the Project 2014 Ronald McDonald House, in fact, was inspired specifically from a single painting. If you allow yourself to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, you will.

The ins and outs of designing a room:

You should always begin a room with the rugs, and Stark is always Robin’s first stop. Custom rugs are incredibly important to her, and she notes that Stark has the biggest and best selection. “Stark understands the world of custom across the board for every kind of rug possible,” Robin says. 

The rug is pivotal, as it sets the tone of the room and creates the overall vision. Robin loves using custom rugs because they allow her to design in a way that best matches the personalities of each client and their respective projects.

Robinism: "Great design is in the details. The details are what makes the house a home.

How to deal with design situations that present challenges:

The most challenging type of space to design is one where the client doesn’t trust you completely. The client has to take a leap of faith, as Robin acknowledges that her own best work is done when she is given the liberty to expand her particular vision. No space is more challenging than the next, however, if she has the creative freedom she needs.

The types of rooms Robin loves to design:

Robin loves entertaining, so she naturally enjoys designing living rooms. “You can do your most interesting work in creating a fabulous and eclectic entertainment space,” Robin points out.

Lighting is another aspect Robin enjoys designing. The fashion connection is eminent, as the process of choosing lighting for a room is similar to pairing jewelry and clothing. 


Robin and Stark, a match made in design heaven:

Robin’s introduction to Stark came when she was still a fashion designer, putting together her own home’s interior design. Now, a great percentage of her work shows off Stark rugs, and her latest project at the Manhattan House in NYC utilized custom Tibetan rugs.

“They take care of me, which allows me to take care of my clients,” Robin states. Since everything is under one roof at Stark, it makes her job that much easier. She also points out that the pricing is very competitive even though Stark has a reputation as the biggest, best, and most expensive.  

At Stark, our comprehensive collections and commitment to the custom-made rugs and carpets that designers like Robin love are an indelible source of pride. Whatever design need is required by the room, Stark is always capable of providing a floor covering with the perfect panache.

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