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May 14, 2020
Looking Forward: Advice and Insights from Top Designers
Looking Forward: Advice and Insights from Top Designers

Looking Forward: Advice and Insights from Top Designers

Over the past few weeks, STARK reached out to renowned designers to get their thoughts on the future of the design industry. With a clear shift towards enhancing the home to be functional while even more beautiful, designers will have to continue to adapt to meet the fluctuating needs of their clients. Yet even as the industry changes, the top designers all retain a sense of optimism. Quality, luxurious design is never going away.

Ba Torrey

Andrew Torrey on the Future of Trends

“Moving forward, I believe priorities will shift considerably toward sustainability, true luxury and handcraft. To me, trends and ‘fast design’ hold no real place in the world we are moving into, but longevity, quality, and thoughtful design will.”

Sasha Bikoff 

Sasha Bikoff on How Design Will Evolve 

“It’s going to be a balance. There are going to be some rooms and some pieces that are going be super comfortable and functional. But I do hope that people are still going to want that wild, creative statement piece in their home because it’s the part that is lacking right now. We’re not able to get that thirst of creativity from all the places we’re used to, people are going to want to see that in their home.”

Phillip Thomas

Phillip Thomas on Being Adaptable to the Changing Times

“It's very important to listen to your clients and to be able to adapt. I think it's adaptability and listening and being able to mix things together. If a client would like make things a little bit simpler, cost effective, you have to learn to be able to roll with the punches and make those changes. Mix the high and the low because ultimately when you mix the high and low together, everything looks incredible.”

Aman and Meeks

Aman and Meeks on the Evolving Home Office

“This is difficult to forecast, but with the new normal of working from home, we will definitely see an influx of His and Her home offices incorporating technology into the aesthetic design. We believe that people will want to update, enhance and make their home even more beautiful. Our physical surroundings impact us in ways that affect our mental and physical well-being, and we can all use some beautiful surroundings right now!”

Marcia Tucker

Marcia Tucker on the Future of Green Design

“It’s a time to design in harmony with nature, I think clients will want the best designers for their projects with a differential touch and where innovation and imagination is valued for solutions that enhance the quality of life. We will see less travel in the future as part of a green awareness.”


Dani Mazza Haas of Cullman & Kravis on the Future of the Workplace

“This experience has given many of us a new-found confidence in the “remote” office environment. Everyone at the firm has become a pro at Zoom meetings, which allows us to collaborate with clients, architects and beyond. It’s amazing to see how we all can adapt to a digital format – although returning to an antique store and combing through fabrics in person will be such a treat!

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