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June 22, 2016
Innovative & Joyful: Alhambra’s Children's Collections
Innovative & Joyful: Alhambra’s Children's Collections

A child’s bedroom is a precious space, one where the atmosphere created by the aesthetic is of the utmost importance. That’s why Alhambra’s BAMBINA and BAMBINO collections of children’s fabrics and wallpapers were designed to nurture a child’s world of happiness and creativity.

Joyful, fresh, and innovative, these handcrafted collections of fabrics and wallpapers bring just the right sense of imaginative cheerfulness to a child’s room. The Bambina theme combines embroidered Russian dolls, flowers, and stripes with whimsical appliqued banners, all featuring bright shades of pinks, while the Bambino theme is a red, white, and blue affair with appliqued patchwork, pockets, boats, stars, numbers, and refined stripes.

Both collections are charming and delightful, featuring designs for infants in classic pale blue and pink. Embroidered houses, classic ginghams, pinstripes, and grand stripes complete the look. Each include quilted designs – the perfect component for children’s bedding.

Explore some of our favorites in the collection below.

Sweet Dreams

The fabric known as Sweet Dreams – pictured here on the bed covering and pillows – brings to mind party pendants while maintaining a sweetness that can only be achieved by the darling combination of raspberry and lime in conjunction with other lovely bright hues.

The Fish

Create a nautical atmosphere with The Fish fabric, pictured here on the bed cover and pillow. The crimson fish swimming among the thin blue stripes are a perfectly subtle complement to any child’s seaside-inspired room.


Dolly in fuchsia – available as both fabric and wallcovering, both styles pictured below – is a delightful addition to any child’s room. The neutral background is calming, while the brightly colored dolls in fresh tones permeate the space with a sense of innocent personality.


Anchor a child’s bedroom with the lovely, lilting sailboats of the Atlantis fabric. Whether used for pillowcases as pictured below, bed covers, or any other use you can imagine, this adorable design is an instant classic.

Need more child’s room inspiration? Explore the entire kids’ collections from Alhambra, such as the Numbers wallcovering pictured below, in tones of blue, shades of pink, and scores of other charming selections!

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