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February 14, 2017
Chic Upholstery: 10 Unique Pieces
Chic Upholstery: 10 Unique Pieces
Our new take on Ashley’s Window allows us to even better highlight Ashley Stark-Kenner’s eye for singular room designs. This time the focus falls on a component of design not often discussed on the World of STARK: the powerful aesthetic potential of upholstery, as seen everywhere from couches and dining room chairs to throw pillows and ottomans.

Find inspiration in ten especially brilliant instances from Ashley’s Instagram below.

1. For the Love of Light Pink

The upholstered light-pink toned chairs take center stage in the bright atmosphere of this stylish dining room; perhaps second only to the gorgeous Nymph Chandelier by KOKET providing the room’s lighting.

2. Cozy Shades of Green

Not all upholstery has to stand out. In this comfortably darker-toned living room designed by Chinese firm LSD Casa, the subtly displayed throw pillows are crucial but not necessarily intended to be the eye’s first subject. Rather, that honor goes to the emerald couch they are so elegantly displayed upon.

3. Pattern Mixing With Polka Dots & Thick Stripes

In this Parisian living room design by Studio Razavi, the pattern mixing is bold and beautiful. In a space dominated by white hues, even just a little bit of color stands out considerably. Photo by Stephan Julliard.

4. Jewel Toned Pillows Pop

Even in this North Carolina home decorated by designer Lindsey Coral Harper, as brightly colored as this one, the jewel-toned upholstery on the throw pillows in this office manages to stand out. The sectional couch dazzles in colorful velvet upholstery, as well.

5. Crystallized Glam

The glam factor is high in this stunning room featuring an upholstered chair from Z Gallerie’s sumptuously handsome fur collection.

6. Hypnotic Swirls of Black and White

Who could have guessed a dining room could be so mesmerizing? International designer Lorenzo Castillo truly committed to his vision in this space, which is largely why it works so well.

7. The Joy of Bright Yellow

Bright yellow can’t help but bring a certain joyfulness to this dining room by U31 Design, as these upholstered chairs surely prove. Much like the first room featured, the chandeliers fill the space with a radiant edge.

8. To Blend the Brave With the Subtle

Hallways don’t have to be left in the stylistic dust – as greatly evidenced by the stunning blend of styles in this space by Jenny J Norris, New York-based interior designer and photographer.

9. Tradition With an Edge

How do you make a traditional office sparkle with style? Nothing does it quite so well as to decorate with animal prints and unique upholstery as in this daring room designed by Markham Roberts Inc.

10. A Dining Room That Smiles

A space can be minimally decorated without being mundane, much like this gorgeous dining room designed by Dallas-based Morgan Farrow Interiors, centered with another outstanding chandelier.

Keep an eye out for further curated collections of Ashley’s favorite room designs, featuring everything from sophisticated décor to distinguished patterns and even more!
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