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August 9, 2016
Curves and Colors in Contemporary Spaces
Curves and Colors in Contemporary Spaces

Ashley Stark-Kenner has a keen eye for spotting contemporary spaces with unique design elements. Here she elaborates on what appeals to her about the drawing room in this historic London mansion, designed by Francis Sultana and featured in Architectural Digest.

“Curved furniture is a big trend right now; this piece by Jean Royère is a particularly stunning example. It adds a certain dimension to the room that a straight sofa simply wouldn’t provide. Not only that, but the color makes it pop as well; everything else is blue and navy, but the sofa stands out in bright purple.

Many of the objects in this room are oversized, which makes a major statement. The photograph on the mantel, a piece by Marlo Pascual, is very intriguing, definitely not something you would typically see. The rug is yet another unique component, with neutral coloring in the center that radiates out into blue ink blot shapes along the sides.

Everything in the room is powerful in an understated way.”


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