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April 27, 2016
STARK Shines at DIFFA’s 19th Annual “Dining by Design” Event
STARK Shines at DIFFA’s 19th Annual “Dining by Design” Event

The design industry does so much more than outfit the world with beautiful interiors. Organizations like DIFFA – the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS – merge worthwhile causes with singular design to raise awareness and funds. Since DIFFA focuses specifically on combating HIV/AIDs, funds are donated to organizations that offer treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs, and advocacy for individuals who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Since its inception, DIFFA has been able to grant over $41 million to support numerous nonprofit organizations fighting HIV/AIDS across the country. 

Every year, DIFFA holds Dining by Design, a 5-day event in which imaginative individuals and design-oriented companies from numerous disciplines are invited to create installations. In the past, well-known architects, interior designers, fashion designers, landscape artists, and event producers – among many other talented people – have all participated.

Now in its 19th year, the Dining by Design event was a tremendous success, hosting 2,000 guests at its two fundraising events and over 45,000 guests throughout the week at Pier 92, in New York City where it was a part of the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show. Overall, nearly $800,000 was raised toward DIFFA’s grant efforts. 

STARK is proud to have been featured in an installation by interior designer Darrin Varden, the creative mind behind Darrin Varden Design, a space that was sponsored by The New York Times. His firm specializes in crafting timeless interiors unconstrained by any particular trends or styles, and as such Darrin finds creative insight everywhere from fashion and art to the expansive scope of history. In this case his inspiration was the colloquial joke: “What’s black and white and red all over?” Below, further explore the trade-exclusive STARK wallcoverings and fabrics Darrin utilized in his dining room for DIFFA’s 19th annual Dining by Design.

Melanie’s Mica

Melanie's Mica in Gunmetal – utilized on the table top, ceiling, and upper walls, this wallcovering comes from the Organic Wall Surfaces ll Collection. It’s metallic, crystalline look brings a uniquely modern sensibility to the design.

Paria Canyon

Paria Canyon in Graphite comes from the Mayflower Collection. This novelty wallcovering combines the serene beauty of natural rock formations with the formal elegance of well-constructed design. It is seen here on the lower walls and on the floor.


Sateen in Fire comes from the Stark Essentials collection. This cotton fabric brings classic simplicity to a room, perfect for a variety of upholstery needs and is seen here on the banquettes. 

Glamour Velvet

Glamour Velvet in Ruby comes from the Old World Weavers collection. Tap into sumptuous sensuality with the rich texture of this velvet fabric seen on the chairs, provided by Artistic Frame.  

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