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December 13, 2016
10 Elegant Wooden Floors
10 Elegant Wooden Floors
Every month we’ve given you a slightly deeper look into one individual room chosen by Ashley Stark-Kenner. But with her keen eye for design, we wanted to be able to showcase even more of her stylistically varied but always sophisticated room posts. The new format begins with a focus on some of her posts highlighting the bold design possibilities of working with wooden floors - including where and how to place rugs on them, of course.

1. Mix of Rustic & Modern

This room, a well-crafted mix of rustic and modern styles, features a geometric wooden floor pattern and French modernist lamp from Serge Mouille.

2. Cowhide Elegance

This Betsy Brown design beautifully incorporates the cowhide rug on a delicate wooden floor, centering the space in a deliberate manner.

3. French Minimalism

This living space designed by Isabelle Stanislas is a stunning example of the gorgeous simplicity in French design.

4. Artful Office

This studio featuring Apparatus Office décor is a thoughtful combination of mathematical angles and the natural world, an apt setting to drink a coffee as you work on your latest project.

5. Wood Flooring With Wallpapered Ceilings

From top to bottom, this room inspires with its structure: the unique wallpaper on the ceiling presents a vertical opposition to the delicately patterned wooden floor, while the twin paintings and lamps mirror each other horizontally.

6. Sophisticated Meeting Room Style

An impressive office space yields impressive brainstorming sessions, tied together by a bold wooden floor like one of Iconic Offices’ meeting spaces, designed by Suzie Mc Adam.

7. Dinner Party Vibes

The image of elegance, this dining room is a careful combination of opulence in the chandelier and ceiling with the modernism of the dining room set and geometric wooden floor.

8. Office Paragons

How could one not be productive in a room like this? Designed by French duo Gilles & Boissier, the beautiful table paired with the courtly walls and understated wooden floor presents a working environment worthy of dignitaries.

9. Mediterranean Sensibilities

The wooden floor is a natural fit for the Mediterranean style of this bright kitchen design at Finca Aldeallana, an elegant venue tucked away in a little village near Madrid, the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.

10. Curves and Colors

Who wouldn’t want to spend all their free time in a visually engaging living area like this one designed by the artistic minds at Maddux Creative?

Look for more curated collections of some of Ashley’s favorite room designs to come!
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