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March 27, 2017
Greenery: 10 Visions of Spring
Greenery: 10 Visions of Spring

In our newly expanded Ashley’s Window, we’re letting one invigorating color steal the show today: green in all its glorious shades. Below, further explore some of Ashley Stark-Kenner’s favorite room designs featuring green, always aesthetically varied in their style of sophistication.

1. Organic Anchors in Kelly Green

Not only are the kelly green chairs in this sumptuous dining room – designed by Melissa Enriquez, owner of Dallas-based Gallerie Noir – the perfect complement to the living greenery, but they also provide a sense of the natural in a space that might otherwise feel almost too sleek.

2. Quiet Elegance of Pale Shades

A pleasant way to infuse a room with a sense of lightness all year round is to use colors like mint and celadon, the pale greyish shade of green that accents this gorgeous San Francisco row house dining room designed by Benjamin Dhong Interiors, featured in House Beautiful and shot by Lisa Romerein.

3. Industrial Springtide

A singular expression of spring enlivens this modern room, inspired as much by the avant-garde as it is by the world of manufacturing. The classic green couch shines against both equally-unique chairs and the slate blue brick wall in this sitting room designed by High Fashion Home.

4. Green & Gold Forever

In another stunning design vision that pairs green with gold, this exceptionally colorful dining room cannot help but suggest an animated spirit infused with the vigor of the earth coming back to life from winter’s hibernation.

5. Say Yes to Lucky Green

Nature beckons in curious ways in this sitting room designed by Evars + Anderson Interior Design. The darkness of the walls turns in against itself to pop against the bright artwork, uniquely-shaped table, and boldly patterned carpet.

6. Mellow Green & Multitudes of Art

It can be all too easy to go overboard when mixing styles and art pieces, but this Interiors by Stone Textile-designed sitting room – punctuated with the subdued green of the couch, of course – is an example of a situation where it all just works.

7. Gloom of Green

Darkness can be the height of glamour, as exemplified by this Parisian morning-inspired bedroom by Rosko Design, with somber-toned art set against a jewelled jade couch and practically purple flooring.

8. Abstraction Paired With Green

In this unique space – something of a mix between a hallway and a sitting room, designed by Tineke Triggs, owner of Artistic Designs For Living – the abstract meets the pure when the monochromatic modern art and patterned floor are set across the jade green couch.

9. Pastoral Pops of Green

In another fresh use of pale green, the pastoral scene on the wall provides a refreshing contrast against the bold painted floor, with real flowers on the table and an earthy weaved carpet on the steps to accentuate the connection to nature in subtle yet profound ways in this hall space designed by Mary McDonald.

10. Gorgeous Green Jewel Box

Dining rooms are not typically the center of attention when it comes to color, but thankfully that is not at all the case in this beautifully bold jewel-toned bright green dining room designed by Kendall Wilkinson Design.

Look for the next curated collection of Ashley’s favorite room designs soon!

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