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July 10, 2015
Interior Intricacies of the Parisian Variety
Interior Intricacies of the Parisian Variety
Distinctive floors are a common motif among room designs Ashley Stark-Kenner finds aesthetically inspiring. In this room, Ashley explains how this element harmonizes with the overall Parisian style of the space.

“This room is very French, but modern, young, and clean. I was really drawn to that expression, as that is where my aesthetic is right now. You can see different textures throughout the space, but it comes off as effortless, which creates a fancy impression without being overly fancy.

The marble slab with cutout sink and intricate ceiling blend stylistically with the natural wood Herringbone floor and modest table to create a calm environment that is not overdone. It’s all styled so well; the great table is paired with the beautiful marble and brass sideboard, and it just works.”


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