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March 9, 2016
Symmetrical Aspen: Stylish Simplicity
Symmetrical Aspen: Stylish Simplicity

With spring nearly at our doorstep, we look back on a room design featured by Ashley Stark-Kenner. Below she elaborates on what she loves most about Aerin Lauder's Aspen ski home, designed by Daniel Romualdez.

“The perfect bedroom for a cozy and comfy vacation home in the mountains, this room is proportional simplicity at its best. The wood and fur, for example, are the same color represented in two different materials; the textural balance is striking in a uniquely uniform way. 

Behind the low oak bed is a ski scene – a photograph by Andreas Gursky – which fondly evokes a comfortable sense of where this home is actually located.

Another part of this design that I love is the practical bench placed at the foot of the bed. The bench meshes well with the aesthetic of the room while simultaneously fulfilling its functional duties.”

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