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January 20, 2016
Transforming Dark Spaces
Transforming Dark Spaces

Ashley Stark-Kenner has a keen eye for spotting room designs that put a unique spin on traditional settings. Find out what she thinks made this vividly sophisticated space, featuring STARK’s Beaton carpet, a success.

“The decorator went wild with the fabrics in terms of colors and patterns, mixing solids and stripes, but everything works well together because the overall feel of the room still falls on the neutral side. Pattern mixing can be overwhelming, but when done in proper proportion to the space, it works really well. In this case, it holds the room together. 

This particular design is very intentional. The decorator could see that the dark panels made the space feel heavy, so the room was restructured with different colors. Traditional or standard choices were dropped in favor of zebra print, bright turquoise, and other outside-the-box selections. 

The traditional base is invigorated with the contemporary Beaton carpet, fun fabrics, and vibrant colors; all of these elements really freshen the space and make the room pop, with the plants on the windowsill and table breathing even more life into the air.”

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