Cara Woodhouse on STARK Performance Acrylic Custom Rugs
Cara Woodhouse Quote on STARK Performance Acrylic Rugs

A Groundbreaking Fiber Designed for Everyday Living

STARK Performance Acrylic rugs are the perfect union of luxury and high-end performance, combining STARK’s quintessential elegance with a proprietary powerhouse acrylic fiber. SPA rugs are stain-resistant, weather-resistant, color-protected, and durable enough for indoors and outdoors alike—and are synonymous with technology, reliability, and beauty that will withstand the test of time. “This is definitely the wave of the future when it comes to rugs,” Cara says.

What exactly makes SPA rugs so durable and resistant to fading? The answer lies in the acrylic fiber, which is solution-dyed. This means the raw fibers are saturated with color before being spun into yarn, which allows the color to penetrate to the fiber’s core, helping maintain its vibrant color for years to come.

Pick Your Palette

STARK Performance Acrylic rugs are available in an array of options, whether you want to create entirely custom styles as Cara has done for her clients, or choose from the ready-made Calypso and Twilight collections, which can also be recolored with a palette of 50 stunning colors.