At Stark, we specialize in the development of custom carpets. We provide the finest product design and the highest quality carpets individually tailored to meet the specific requirements for the intended usage. With the help of the Stark design studio and our technical experts, our custom carpets will meet the exact needs of your design plans.

Whether a Wilton, Axminster, hand gunned, hand knotted, contemporary, or Oriental rug, the procedure is fundamentally the same. The end result is a custom designed and finely manufactured carpet delivered and installed to the satisfaction of the buyer. 

The process begins by having the interior designer and their client meet with a Stark account manager to discuss the project and determine a design direction. Once the style of design is agreed upon, patterns can be chosen from the endless selection in the Stark library of designs and archives, or totally new and custom patterns can be created with the assistance of a design professional from the Stark design studio.

The next step is to determine the type and quality of carpet that will be used.  Choices will vary based on the selected design, number of colors, and suitability for the intended purpose. Choices include, but are not limited to, handmade with almost no design limitations, hand-loomed, or machine woven Wiltons and Axminsters which have various individual parameters and differ from handmade carpets but still achieve outstanding results.

The next step is for the Stark design studio to prepare a rendering to show exactly how the pattern will appear in the final production. The process continues by selecting colors from an unlimited supply of color poms. Once poms are selected they are then sent to the dye house to match in the required chosen fiber, whether that is wool, silk, cotton, or any other selection.

The final step before going into production is to approve the color poms and prepare a quality sample using the colors as selected.

The ultimate result is a totally custom designed carpet that meets the stringent standards of Stark. The carpet, once received in our fabrication and distribution center located in Calhoun, Georgia, is then inspected in detail and prepared for shipment and installation by the local specialists that have been approved and certified by Stark.