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Five Standout Trends for 2021

From performance carpets to laid-back chic, Ashley Stark shares her top 5 interior design trends for 2021.

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Ashley Stark


The Home as Sanctuary
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In 2020, our homes have become an office, a five-star restaurant, a school, and gym all in one. Staying at home has led to renovating our interiors according to our needs. We're creating spaces that are practical but also comfortable, uplifting, and inspiring. The home as a sanctuary is not just a place to live, but a retreat to indulge in.

Worry-Free Fiber
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You’ve been asking for carpet that fits your style and the way you live. We’re excited to bring you Stark Performance Acrylic fiber in Spring 2021. SPA will be the softest, most luxurious performance carpet on the market. Perfect for high traffic areas, kids, pets, and parties (remember those?). SPA will stand up to any mess and it is UV and fade resistant. Most excitingly, it is entirely customizable and will last a lifetime.

Vintage and Antiques
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We love a mix of old and new. Mixing antiques with new furnishings is a great way to be current while staying classic. STARK’s antique and Modern Traditional rugs look amazing in any space, from ultra-modern homes to centuries old dwellings. Decorating with vintage or antique rugs never goes out of style and will add a totally unique touch to your space.

Laid-back, a mix of old and new, and a little bit French.
Ashley Stark on her home style
Personalized Touches
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Taking a personalized approach to home decor allows you make your own statement. Designing for the individual is now more important than designing for a specific look. STARK offers a wide range of customizable options to create that all-important unique piece. Look for Allegro Wilton custom in early 2021. Allegro Wilton will allow you the freedom to customize the color, construction, and finishings of existing STARK wilton designs.

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ALJ Studio | Custom Prism Hand-tufted Rugs
Serene Neutrals
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Ashley’s home is a soothing space filled with serene neutrals that are balanced by lush textures and mixed materials. Homeowners have replaced stuffy, uncomfortable decor for cozy furnishings. Natural woods, unfinished stone, and soft carpets are sought after for a laid-back chic vibe. Wool rugs with leather detailing, silk carpets in soft creams, and natural fibers are increasingly popular.