Trade accounts
 offer users numerous benefits, including access to the Trade Dashboard, a powerful tool that has been designed for trade members to easily manage their clients and projects when working with Stark.

With access to the Trade Dashboard, you can enjoy and utilize the following exclusive features:

Requesting Multiple Samples

  • Only preferred trade customers can request samples, which can be done from any product page. With access to the Trade Dashboard, you can request multiple samples at a time if you know the SKUs you need.

Stark Boards

  • Stark Boards are used to help you create your perfect room using exclusive Stark products. Within the Dashboard you can start new Stark Boards, keep them organized, add your own pictures and filter by client, project, or tag. This is the Stark take on Houzz Idea Books and Pinterest, modern staples for helping designers visualize and bring their designs to life.


  • Stark Projects are an all-encompassing section where trade members can track projects by client. Keep your clientele organized by adding unique projects by room for each client. This creates an elegant representation of your vision.

Client List

  • You can create individual accounts for each of your clients so that specific projects can be associated with individuals for sleek organization. The list-format interface allows you to see in one quick glance how many projects are assigned to each of your clients.

My Stark Favorites

  • My Stark Favorites is a way to keep all your favorite Stark products in one dedicated section, which you can then use to build Stark Boards.

Concierge Service

  • Concierge service is designed to fulfill any and all special requests for our preferred trade customers. For anything you might need that goes above and beyond standard customer support, concierge service ensures special requests are promptly handled.